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Business Card Websites

Épilepsie section de Québec

The mandate was to give Epilepsy section of Quebec a site with a new visual identity of its own. As a non-profit organization, Axialmedia worked with the organization to offer a free business card site that covered the wide range of their services.

Meggy Nadeau, CPA

Our client wanted to have a presence on the web and be able to make the changes on her site herself. She therefore opted for the business card website. We made her a site with the colors of hers company while also giving her access to google tools.

Customized Websites

AUTO J.L. Pneus et Mécanique

AUTO J.L. Tires and Mechanics needed a custom site and an external change tracking. Axialmedia has therefore designed a site to make the business stand out and a positioning marketing strategy.

Jacqueline Lévesque N.D.

Our client wanted a custom site with an integrated database. In addition, we were mandated to find her a corporate image corresponding to her field.

Library Manager Websites

Bibliothèque La Rencontre

La Rencontre Library wanted to have a library management tool adapted to Francophone institutions and at an affordable price. She therefore approached Axialmedia, who designed the library management software for their institution in close collaboration with their volunteer committee.

Bibliothèque Émile Simard

Émile Simard Library wanted to have a system integrating the web and modern management techniques. Axialmedia designed its site and adapted its tool to meet its needs.


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