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Axialmedia is a Quebec company, that wants to help small businesses and organizations with our quality and affordable services.
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Websites and Editor

Do you dream of a professional website, but don't want to pay the fees of large agencies? We have the solution.

Axialmedia offers you two website options, then you can edit it as you wish using our site editor. It doesn't cost a fortune and it's personalized!
Our web offer
Websites are responsive
The editor allows you to change the color of the text
Editor allows you to change images

Store Application

Our Store application allows your customers to buy your product from your Website.

To do so, you need a Showcase license to build your list of products in collaboration with a Store license that allows online payments.

We also offer the possibility of automating delivery by calculating the cost of transport before purchasing products.
Our Store applicaTION
Display of the Store
Selection of an item to add to the Cart
Item once added to the Cart
Followed by billing address
Followed by items to pay + delivery fees
Payment of the purchases

Showcase Application

Our Showcase application allows you to create and modify the content of your website yourself.

Based on a fast and easy-to-use content management system (CMS), it requires no software and works on all operating systems.

Ideal for online stores, product presentations or news pages.
Our Showcase applicaTION
Display of the Showcase
Once connected, the elements can be modified
Once connected, you can edit an element
Change the image of the element

Blog Application

The application is a complete tool that lets you interact with your customers.

There you can offer advice, tricks related to your business fields.

It's a great addition to attract and retain customers.

It's easy to use and you have the complete control of your application.
Our blog application
Blog display
Once connected, it can display bloggers
Once connected, you can view the blogs
Once connected, you can edit a blog

Library Application

We have created a complete library management tool which is deployed on the web.

So establishments can have a website and manage their institutions.

That way you keep your budget for what's important ... buying books for your subscribers.
OUR library Application
Viewing the library catalog
Once connected, you can select a book
Once connected, you can modify a book
You can print the barcode of a book

App website, showcase, blog et library developed by Axialmedia